5 Trips of a Lifetime to Arctic Quebec and Labrador

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January 11, 2016

This year push your boundaries, experience more and make the trip of a lifetime. We have selected for you 5 trips off the beaten track.

Our trip ideas are designed to help you discover the special places and diverse vacation possibilities that make Arctic Quebec and Labrador such an extraordinary destination. In our vacation packages you’ll find everything from lodging, fishing trips to wildlife safaris, nature tours and everything in between. We hope that you’ll come and “experience an exceptional moment with nature”.

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Go on Safari in Nunavik

Get closer to nature! From polar bears silhouetted against an Ungava Bay sunset to caribous running on the tundra, spotting wildlife in their natural habitat is a thrilling way to go on vacation. That’s why we’ve created for you trips that focus on wildlife viewing and get right into the heart of an animal’s world. Stay in a range of accommodation; from our safari lodges to wilderness camps so that you can live a truly wild experience.

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Fish the Migratory Arctic Char

The East Ungava Bay region offers some of the most incredible Arctic char fishing in Canada. Arctic char in these waters are generally enormous. The middleweight of chars is 10 pounds / 5 kg and sometimes trophies push the balance to 15 pounds / 7 kg and even more. Monsters chars of 20 pounds / 10 kg and more have already been taken and released. Up here the only human presence is yours…! The access to our rivers is done by floatplane and very days you will be alone to fish with your group of friends and the pilot-guide. Fly-fishing in Arctic Quebec is as good as it gets and anyone who enjoys fly-fishing should make this trip at least once.

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Set Foot on Land’s End

Sometimes we say that we are going at the end of the world. We can leave far, certainly, but where is the real end of the world? For those who take literally the words, here is a suggestion of a trip to reach the end of the world, the true. At 2000 kilometers from Montreal, Killineq at the northeast extremity of North America is one of the most isolated region on the North American continent. There are no roads that connects Killineq / Land’s End with the rest of Canada, you have to take a plane! It is one of the regions of the world where the nature is intact and at its most spectacular: it is the kingdom of the largest land carnivore on earth – the polar bear, the seals are counted by the thousands, icebergs by the hundreds … Useless to say that it is so beautiful that it’s jaw dropping.

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Visit Hebron Ghost Town in Labrador

Walk in the footsteps of the missionaries, who came from Germany to evangelize the Inuit. Discover sites such as a mysterious Gothic-style church, century-old houses and many open-air graves, while enjoying a fantastic view over the Labrador Sea. On this tour, you will discover the natural marvels of the region and the incredible history of the Moravian missionaries who established here at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Discover Natural Wonders

Need a trip to get excited about? Discover to the Far North of Quebec and Labrador in a floatplane. Fly over the highest continental summit in Canada east of the Rockies, see the world highest tide and incredible reversing falls. Listen to the roar of towering waterfalls, explore secluded fjords, walk on glaciers dating back to the last ice age, chase icebergs in the North Atlantic, watch Northern Lights … There are so many things to do and see in the Far North that it’s impossible to do it all in one visit.

Photo credit: Fabrice Simon, Herle Hamon, Marc-André Bélanger

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