Testimonial after an authentic safari in Nunavik

August 29, 2017

Simon Cope spent a week in early August at the Barnoin Ecolodge for an authentic safari in Nunavik. Accompanied by two other hikers, he walked through the Arctic tundra to discover this immense territory still little frequented. He gives us his impressions:

“It was an excellent week and the weather co-operated.  Killiniq Island in particular was spectacular and remote.   Mount Nuvutialuk definitely warrants more exploring.

It was only really when we got back we realised what a spectacular place this was.

There is so much pristine land to explore.  If the summer there was longer we would want to come back for another week at the end of August (but some of the hikes would not be too much fun in the rain)!

Who knows about next year?  We shall see since there is endless possibility to explore.”

Simon Cope (USA)



Package: Authentic safari in Nunavik



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