Visit the Arctic Tundra of the Far North

March 18th, 2016

Written by Jeanne Muller.

Do you want to live special moments during your next vacation? Do you want to make an authentic and unforgettable discovery? Want to visit the forgotten places and visit more remote regions of the world? You want to live an adventure full of emotions? Why not explore the Tundra of the Far North Arctic?

Arctic Tundra of the Far North in a few words

Tundra is one of the 14 major biomes (a set of ecosystems characteristic of a biogeographical area) land. Arctic Tundra covers one fifth of the earth’s surface. It is a magnificent wilderness just waiting to be explored. Certainly this destination is rarely visited, yet is rich in natural and artificial curiosities  to uncover. Inuit land, distant and forgotten, it has everything to seduce lovers of adventure, nature, calms and discovery. A trip to find out the Canadian Arctic Tundra will allow you to enjoy the many natural wonders that the country has to offer, but also its most beautiful landscapes, its fauna and flora incredibly rich … The glacial erosion, craters, impressive geological formations, fjords, the southern Arctic Cordillera Ecozones … Enjoy the view of this picturesque landscape at the end of the world! All ages can find their needs.

What to see in the heart of the Canadian Arctic Tundra ?

If you want to explore the Arctic tundra of northern Canada, do not miss out the attractions of this beautiful region. Once there, take full advantage of the wealth of flora and fauna of this region while admiring the magnificent scenery around you. Despite the extreme living conditions found in the Far North, some indigenous peoples, such as the Sami and Inuit have lived there. In addition, you should explore the multiple facets of these peoples at the end of the world. Concerning the fauna of this region, you will find lots of animals such as the polar bears, the ringed seal, the arctic fox, the harp seal, the walrus, and the bowhead whales along with many species of birds. Regarding the flora of the Arctic Tundra, you will find over 200 species of flowers and a large number of lichens and mosses. Note that these are a source of food for the animals that inhabit the tundra. The vegetation has adapted wonderfully to climate change in the region (high winds, low temperatures, lack of moisture …). You will find numerous rare species!

Therefore, does a trip to discover the Quebec’s far north (in Canada) attempt you for your next vacation? In the Arctic Tundra, it’s not just about the beautiful landscapes and nature. A wide choice of fun activities also awaits you once there, like fishing, hiking, safari, canoeing & kayaking, etc. There is something for all tastes and desires.


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