Fishing report at Rapid Lake Lodge

October 23, 2017


Steeve Wells spent a fishing trip at Rapid Lake Lodge in July and he give us his feeling:


“Every serious fisherman has had days that he will remember forever. I had one of those days at Rapid Lake Lodge. The Lake Trout were strong, hungry and aggressive the whole day. I caught 40 that day, including a 39 inch 25 pounder that took me half way through my backing. 

Although the water was high and fast, Francois worked tirelessly to find the fish and help me get to the best spot. The Brook Trout were aggressive and loved my mouse.

Hats off to Janeau, the chef. His country Quebecois cooking, including tourtiere, and his maple syrup desserts were delicious. And thank you to your family for the cookbook with all you mother and grandmothers recipes.(loved the cookies)

The pilot flew us cautiously and smoothly day after day. Thanks Julien for your concern for my safety.

Warm, comfortable, good food, great scenery and good fishing….what else could I ask for!”



Steve Wells (USA)



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