Less than 30 days before the opening of Rapid Lake.

May 16th, 2016

How Nunavik and Rapid Lake look like in mid-June? During this period the spring thaw is not over yet and 50% of the lakes are still frozen and the snow covers the major part of the territory. In the Torngats Mountains and quite particularly on the Quebec and Labrador Peninsula it’s still winter and everything is frozen.

At the latitude of Rapid Lake Lodge on the Qurlutuq / Tunulic river, it is not before the last week of June that the fishing can really begin, but believe me, if you haven’t experienced fishing during that spring period, you are on for amazing results.

After having spent eight (8) months under the ice cover, the trout and char are so hungry that they jump on any fly or lures which they can perceive at the water surface. Make a big fly skip on the surface of the water in a rapids downstream of a pool or a lake and you will see the trouts and chars jump out of the water to take your fly with unusual aggressiveness.


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