Reto and Liliane Gambon (Switzerland) September 2017

“For many years our group of two swiss couples was dreaming of such a journey to arctic Canada and our high expectations were even topped! We had fabulous fishing days  even catching the rare red arctic char,  also catching fish with mouse (fly..?) patterns on the surface was real fun. We fished several  rivers and had always much action and success. Accommodation at Rapid Lake lodge and Barnoin camp was convenient the staff did  really everything possible to fulfill all our wishes.While fishing was excellent we also had a chance to see polar bear catching fish on a river and a black bear with 2 cubs  observing us fishing. The landscapes are breathtaking and we flew out every day with our reliable pilot  Julien who made us feel  save and secure. We also understand now why Nunavik is considered one of the best places in the world to see northern lights! We enjoyed wonderful views of those most spectacular lights. We will remember our stay at Rapid Lake lodge for a long time and we are very satisfied with that experience! Thank you all!”

Jack and Susan Leddick (USA) August 2017

I especially want to thank the staff for the wonderful time we had at Rapid Lake. The fishing was everything we hoped it would be and the opportunity to fly over and see all the lakes, rivers and mountains of the great northern Canadian Shield was fascinating. The lodge itself was comfortable and the food and service, as well as your fishing guidance, was excellent.

We hope to see you again.

Regards »

Bill Steere (USA) August 2017

 « Rapid Lake Lodge offers a perfect trip for fly fishers expanding their experience into the far north: their fly fishing combo.  Lots of brook trout like you’ve never caught before, shore casting for lake trout on the fly, and then flights even further north for arctic char.  Our whole group got everything we hoped for – especially the deep wilderness experience.  A great trip. 

Thank you for such hard work and considerate guiding.  


Steve Wells (USA) July 2017

“Every serious fisherman has had days that he will remember forever. I had one of those days at Rapid Lake Lodge. The Lake Trout were strong, hungry and aggressive the whole day. I caught 40 that day, including a 39 inch 25 pounder that took me half way through my backing. 

Although the water was high and fast, our guide worked tirelessly to find the fish and help me get to the best spot. The Brook Trout were aggressive and loved my mouse.

Hats off to Janeau, the chef. His country Quebecois cooking, including tourtiere, and his maple syrup desserts were delicious. And thank you to your family for the cookbook with all you mother and grandmothers recipes.(loved the cookies)

The pilot flew us cautiously and smoothly day after day. Thanks Julien for your concern for my safety.

Warm, comfortable, good food, great scenery and good fishing….what else could I ask for!”

Stéphane et Michel Chauvin (France), July 2016

«We were really amazed by the kindness of the people who welcomed us during this exceptional fishing trip. The fish were there, arctic char very combative and numerous with some big specimens, great lakers and a really big one of 98cm / 39 inches, an incalculable number of brook trouts, landlocked arctic char, breathtaking landscapes a great fishing trip with our guides which took care of us, Sam the pilot of a kindness and a professionalism at the top, a gourmet chef; Patrick who looked at us very well, we can’t ask for more. We’ll see you soon and think of you with great memories! »


Ron Ferguson, Father and Son (New Brunswick), August 2016

“ Great memories! Thanks to Rapid Lake Lodge for a wonderful trip, my Dad and I really had a great time. You certainly looked after us, and even though we had a few challenges with the weather, Sam was able to change plans promptly and get us some incredible fishing opportunities. The Brookie fishing was truly fantastic and just outside our cabin! Too end it all off with 2 incredible days Char fishing, we were very satisfied. Nunavik is definitely a special place when it comes to fishing! Best Regards »


Michel Doré (Quebec), June 2016

“I really appreciated my stay at Rapid Lake Lodge. The fishing is phenomenal! Brook trout, lake trout and the migratory arctic char are present in large numbers and take the flies with aggressiveness. A laker of 8 kg on a no. 8 tandem fly or a char on a tube fly no. 8 are unique experiences in itself. The lodge accommodation in the middle of the tundra is an experience to be seen. The meals and the atmosphere are outstanding! “


Naoto Aoki (Alberta), August 2015

” All my life, I’ve dreamt of catching a bright red arctic char… I’ve caught char before, but never of much size and certainly not the colour I was after. My time spent at Rapid Lake Lodge did not disappoint! In the four days of fishing, I landed a dozen bright red char is some of the most pristine waters and picturesque landscapes in the country. With almost no comparison, these red char are the most beautiful fish I have ever photographed. I cannot wait to get back to Rapid Lake Lodge one day! Thank to all the staff for a trip of a lifetime!”


Christian et Christophe Jalby (France), August 2014

“ We had a great trip! To have the privilege to be alone on a river and to fish these pools filled with fresh sea run arctic char it’s the dream of all fishermen and to see them leaping over the waterfalls is unbelievable…” “Sight fishing these big red char in blazing colors with a background of wild mountains is a special moment that I will never forget! ”


Michael Werner (Germany) editor in chief of the magazine “FliegenFischen”, september 2012

” Dancing Northern Lights, amazing polar bears and arctic char, as made of silver, tall and strong as Russian submarines…” As editor in chief of the German fly fishing magazine “FliegenFischen” I was already in the world traveling from Tierra del Fuego to Kamchatka. What I experienced on THIS trip in Arctic Quebec, was exceptional – my expectations were more than surpassed! Huge Arctic char, an average of 5 kg (12 lb) on Fly rod Class 7, nymphs size 12…. An outstanding experience! Thanks for everything! “


Jacques Brault (Quebec), contributor to the magazine “Pêche à la Mouche”, August 2012

” It is the best fishing of my life! «Catching these big chars on tiny # 10 flies was a blast! In equal weight the arctic char is more belligerent than the Atlantic salmon… ”


John Baskin (USA), July 2012

“I fished on the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia and many times in Alaska and in British Columbia and it’s my third time in Nunavik. It is here that I find the best place to fish for arctic chars. The landscape is magnificent and we are alone on a whole river! “


Michel Pianta (USA), August 2011

” It’s my first fishing trip in Canada and believe me, I will come back! “


Bob Erikson (USA), August 2011

” I have been back home for a little bit better than a month. There aren’t too many hours in the day that go by that don’t find me reminiscing of char, bears, flying, rivers, new friends and the unforgettable country. A day’s travel from home is a very little known, and extraordinary world.”


André Bernier (Quebec), August 2011

“ It’s a trip which we don’t want to miss. The landscapes of mountains, fjords and rivers are of a remarkable beauty and the fishing just extraordinary. “

Fabrice Simon (France) August 2017

“Arctic … when you hold us!

For the second time, I went this year with friends in Nunavik.

We do not go there by chance: we think, we prepare, we imagine then finally, we get there. And then it all begins.

But there are so many settings that may or may not make your stay unforgettable.

The first is definitely the weather and for my 2nd visit to the Inuit country, it was once again on our side.

This year was very good despite the fact that our main subject, the fishing polar bear, could not be treated as we would have liked, the rivers too high having somewhat upset the habits of the bears.

But, when we want to see and live of the unique, the true, it is sometimes the price paid. However, we had other very nice encounters. On the other hand, the lemmings were very present and many images and videos were made in excellent conditions. I had asked to be in the bivouac so that we could to be  in the middle of this authentic nature, which has been wonderfully prepared by the Rapid Lake team, and I want to thank them.

The search for wildlife on the ground has allowed us to make excellent observations of owls, caribous and polar bears.

Some great memories filled our memory cards.

And almost every evening, the northern lights danced in the sky, illuminating the silent flight of a hunting owl.

Memories full our heads.

A big thank you to Alain, Antoine, Julien, Francois and Jeanot who we regale each day in the middle of nowhere.

Now I only have to go back …”


Bob and Nancy Jean Taylor (USA) August 2017

“François, Thank you !

We enjoyed our stay at Rapid Lake Lodge! It was great! The Torngats,  your staff and the views!”

Jocelynn Jacobs (USA), August 2016

“ Excellent trip! We went up to see polar bears and other wildlife and we got MORE than we even hoped for!  The bush pilot was excellent and Alain (our wildlife guide) was amazing.  The lodge was also extremely comfortable for being out in the “wild.”  Food was wonderful.  I would highly recommend Rapid Lake Lodge if you are interested in viewing wildlife.  Be sure to come as many days as  you can in case the weather is bad for the bush flights.  Francois taught me how to fly fish as well, he was an excellent and patient teacher! ”


Keith and Cheryl Kelley (USA), August 2016

“ François & Alain,

Just a short note to let you know what a wonderful experience it was for Cheryl & I to visit Rapid Lake Lodge.  It was fascinating walking around the lodge and exploring the tundra while looking for bear and picking berries.  The two days of “fly outs” to visit the Torngat mountains, northern Quebec and the Labrador coast were also highlights of the trip.  I never thought that Cheryl and I would be approaching both black bear and polar bear on foot but we felt very comfortable since we were in such good hands.

The highlights for us were the close views of the huge black bear when we were hiking on the other side of the lake, the fishing polar bears, seeing the caribou, the amazing fjord scenery in Torngat Mountain Park and visiting Hebron Fjord.    All the meals were great but the one with fresh baked bread, hot smoked arctic char and fresh picked/fresh baked blueberry pie was one of the best meals we have every had anywhere (and we travel a lot).

In short – Rapid Lake is a great lodge in a great location with great food and great hosts.   Everyone who has seen our photos has commented on the spectacular scenery and wildlife.

We both hope to be able to come back some day! “


Titus (Switzerland), August 2013

” Despite the bad weather, we had a great time with you. We will always remember the calm and professional way, you guided us on the polar and black bear photo safaris. The sneaking up behind you into great observation positions was an exciting experience. You also found the right spots where we could, unnoticed from the bears, observe them for extended periods. Well done!! I hope we can come again soon. Kind regards “


Jeannette Kalbermaher (Switzerland), August 2013

“ Approaching those animals on foots and observing them without being detected is always a very exciting moments. Thanks to our guide! ”


Brad Sablosky (Ontario), juillet 2011

” We saw lots of black bears, an arctic wolf, and osprey in our travels. (…)We were treated with sighting five polar bears, tidal rapids, and incredible scenery. This is an incredible part of the world; we were able to experience a small part of it. I am looking forward to returning next summer to explore further. “

Simon Cope (USA) August 2017

“Dear Francois

It was an excellent week and the weather co-operated.  Killiniq Island in particular was spectacular and remote.   Mount Nuvutialuk definitely warrants more exploring.

It was only really when we got back we realised what a spectacular place this was.

There is so much pristine land to explore.  If the summer there was longer we would want to come back for another week at the end of August (but some of the hikes would not be too much fun in the rain)!

Who knows about next year?  We shall see since there is endless possibility to explore.”


Bradley Royce (Ontario), July 2016

” Rapid Lake Lodge had organized this trip and all had gone perfectly. Alain and François made my trip logistics worry free and the excellent food and accommodations were very welcome at the start and end of the trip. “


Johnny et the Bill (USA), July 2014

“This is one of our best lifetime trips ever…! Where should we head now to beat this incredible experience?…in Patagonia perhaps! Awesome, we’ll be back!

After a warm welcome from the host and his wife, Alain has shared all his precious knowledge about the Far North and his numerous flight experiences. We had the chance to closely see icebergs, cross the Fjords and walk in the bare mountains surrounded by thousands of lakes. At times, we thought we were on the moon. And even north of the 60th parallel, no question of losing good habits. Nothing better than a good yoga session on top of a rock overlooking the North Atlantic. Thank you very much my dear friend! “


Ariel Desjardins Charbonneau, juillet 2013

” It is after twenty days of our trip departure by canoe from Schefferville that my friends and me have reached the foothills of the Pyramids Mountains along the George River. A few hours after the precarious hike through spruces and alders we finally reached the bare summit.

From this mountain top we had a fantastic view over the tundra landscape.

It took us ten more days to reach our final goal in Kangiqsualujjuaq (George River).

We want to thank Alain Lagacé and Rapid Lake Lodge for the logistic help, without them our journey would have been much less pleasant.”


Luc Jacek (Ontario), July 2011

” I am writing to you to thank you for helping me to fulfill my dream of visiting the Torngat Mountains national park. For a number of years I was looking at topographic maps of the Torngat Mountains, trying to plan my trip. You helped me greatly to decide which part off the park to visit.(…)The scenery and atmosphere was amazing, I felt freedom like never before. (…) View of the pristine waters of Komaktorvik Lakes, surrounded by high rock walls will stay with me for the rest of my life.(…) Spending the last two days at your scenic Barnoin Camp was an enjoyable experience as well. Telling and listening to the stories after delicious meals and savouring a Labrador tea with a perfect sunset created unforgettable memories.  Thanks again for everything!”

Group of pilots (New York), June 2014

“(…) We caught some big arctic char and lost several huge ones. 

In Rapid Lake we stayed in a small log cabin away from the main building; our idea was to camp out but we couldn’t resist the temptation of this small hand-hewn timber cabin made by Alain Lagacé. Rapid Lake is Nunavik’s brook trout paradise and we spent two whole days to tease this wonderful resource.”


Benoit Parrot, June 2012

” A fishing trip of exception by floatplane. Having lived two years in British Columbia and having fished for salmon, I now discover Quebec and Labrador’s far-north. Since the last few days I have been impressed by the extraordinary landscapes which offer the Arctic Cordillera in remote Northern Quebec and Labrador.

We just made an air safari through the Torngat Mountains national park and along the Labrador coast, seen magnificent fjords, rivers, falls and icebergs ….and I am amazed by the fishing quality in the Ungava rivers.

All this in a few days only and we haven’t finished our journey yet!

These last two days we went fishing on Qijujjuujaq and on Tunulic River where we fished some Lakers and brookies and did some catch and release.

The weather conditions were not favorable to go and see the spring caribou migration in the Labrador plateau, but we were able to go fishing and we fully enjoyed our flight over the magnificent arctic and subarctic tundra landscape dotted with thousand of lakes.

While our fishing and safari adventure journey in Nunavik ends with a supper of speckled trout, wine, cheese and famous Labrador tea, we already are planning our next journey. ”

Jim Watson (USA), June 2011

“Thanks, for having me along, a trip of a lifetime! Cheers “