A Solo Travel Report –Twenty three days in Northern Labrador

Mr. Jacek Luc from Ontario, Canada passes on to us a report from his “Solo Backpacking” trip that he made last August in the Torngat Mountains national park in Labrador.

I am writing to you to thank you for helping me to fulfill my dream of visiting the Torngat Mountains national park. For a number of years I was looking at topographic maps of the Torngat Mountains, trying to plan my trip. Information about the area is so limited and scarce, I really had a hard time to figure out possible backpacking routes and how to get there.

When I contacted you last year, you gave me a few different options, with a descriptions and photographs of the interesting spots for each route. This helped me greatly to decide which part off the park to visit. Having all the flights booked and coordinated by Rapid Lake Lodge from Montreal, made it much easier for me. It also helped me saved money with the excess baggages. All the safety equipment rented from Rapid Lake Lodge was in perfect working condition and ready to be used.

Thanks to your knowledge of the area and advice, I made a few adjustments to my planned route, which made my trip safer and more enjoyable. Scouting it from the air was a great idea as well. This was the longest solo trip I did in northern Canada and at the same time the smoothest (no incident or accidents), a lot of it thanks to you.

The scenery and atmosphere was amazing, I felt freedom like never before. I could see drifting icebergs on Labrador Sea, from the ridges above Tetragona Lake. Other hikes revealed the dark face of Tower Mountain, Upper Kangalaksorvik Lake and Fiord with towering mountains in the background. View of the pristine waters of Komaktorvik Lakes, surrounded by high rock walls will stay with me for the rest of my life.

In the end of the trip, the panoramic view from the South ridge of Mount Kabutyat was a dream come through. After reaching the top, I had the clouds below my feet and only the highest picks of the Arctic Cordillera sticking above.

I have been hiking in the Alps, Yukon, North West Territories, Rockies and Baffin Island and dreamed about that view. Here I got it, just for myself with nobody around. Later in the day my patience paid off: the wind cleared the clouds, so I could admire the Nachvak Fiord, Katyaupak Mountain and Idyotak Mountain in full glory. To the West the Inuit Mountain guarding Chasm Lake and the reddish brown face of the Packard Mountain. No words can describe the views during this trip. I am not the sentimental type, but I have to say that one day I had tears in my eyes.

Spending the last two days at your scenic Barnoin Camp was an enjoyable experience as well. Telling and listening to the stories after delicious meals and savouring a Labrador tea with a perfect sunset created unforgettable memories.

 Thanks again for everything!

 Jacek Luc