Canada Treasure Park – Torngat Mountains

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You don’t have to travel across the world to get off the map. Northern Labrador’s Torngat Mountain boasts uncharted coastline, secluded fjords, unknown waterfalls and more seals, whales and caribou than you can count. The Torngat Mountains are among the highest, most rugged mountains in eastern North America and one of the world’s most beautiful wild coastline. Find world-class scenery and challenges. Whether you’re a mountain-country pro or a first-timer, we guarantee you’ll find terrain that test your boundaries.

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Experience canoeing or kayaking the inland fjords

Canoe-kayak for 10 days / 9 nights, in complete autonomy – from 5121 $ CAD

Canoeing or kayaking is the ultimate way to get in touch with the wilderness. Paddle alongside seals, sea birds and porpoises in the beautiful fjords around the park. Paddle in hand, you gain a unique perspective of the rugged valley on a canoe-kayak trip exploring the calm sea of the inland fjords.


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Secrets of the Arctic Cordillera

Trekking for 10 days / 9 nights, in complete autonomy – from 4844 $ CAD

Climb unexplored mountains, hike through glacier-carved valleys and dramatic mountain passes to lake the color of emeralds. The variety of landscapes between vertical cliffs, mountains and calm inlets make it a paradise for hikers looking for untouched nature.Many of the mountains and ridges have never been climbed before so don’t expect to have to wait in line before setting foot on the mountain top of your choice! Lace up your boots, boys: This’ll be off the chart.

Let us know your particular requirements and we’ll get to work to design a memorable adventure trip tailored just for you!


Torngat Mountains National Park:

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