Rapid Lake Lodge’s Newsletter

Dear fellow fishermen and nature lovers, our season of fishing and safari is now over. To be in contact with you all during the year and finally to meet you and to make you live the experience which you look for is always so fascinating. For us nothing surpasses the expression of a fisherman with his rod bent almost to breaking point or a safari buff which his camera on hand which shoot stunning photos of his first polar bear… These are the sublime moments which make that we are always excited to make you live unique experiences.

The late spring which we experienced slows down our activities in the beginning of the season, but in a general our activities went off well. During July the fishing success was very interesting with lake trouts of 8-15 lbs, arctic chars of 8-11 lbs, and speckled trouts of 2-4 lbs who were taken. In August our arctic chars fishermen had the opportunity to take  very good catch of 8-18 lbs.

Our photographic safaris and adventure trips in the Torngats Mountains national park allowed our safari buffs and adventurers to live extraordinary experiences and to bring back several thousand photos in souvenirs of their journeys. Among the most striking photos we find: landscapes of fjords and icebergs wrapped in fog, seals sunbathing on an ice floe, polar bears with their cubs, a rare species of black bears from the barren ground tundra, sunsets of the continents land’s end and even several rare Arctic plants with strange looks and exotic smells. In brief, 2011 was a fascinating season!

The planning of our future season is currently underway and our 2012 vacation packages and rates are now on-line. Some new vacation packages will also added soon.

Photo credit: Michel St-Jean

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