Report from an explorer pilot

Brad Sablosky from Temagami, Ontario and his travel friend Jascha Kehr from Germany have flown in their C-185 to Barnoin River Camp to canoe and explore part of the east Ungava Bay region.

Written by Brad

It took us a day and a half to make the trip, our first day was cut short by IFR conditions 100 km short of Kuujjuaq. We spent a nice evening on the Riviere aux Melezes waiting for the weather to improve. When we arrived at Barnoin River we found we had just missed Alain who had flown out with two clients for a day of fishing. No worries, we hiked to Barnoin River Falls, which we had seen from the air. It is a sight not to be missed.

When Alain returned he gave us his choice for a location to explore by canoe, the Abrat River. Alain pointed out some good beaches warned us about bears, and we promptly took off again to beat the worsening weather.

We arrived at the Abrat River, at a spot about 10 miles inland from the ocean and set up camp in a lovely spot. We spent the next four days exploring the area with our inflatable canoe, it was incredible. We saw lots of black bears, an arctic wolf, and osprey in our travels.

On the fifth day the weather was promising to be perfect for flying so we loaded up the C-185 and flew the coast to Land’s End. We were treated with sighting five polar bears, tidal rapids, and incredible scenery.

This is an incredible part of the world; we were able to experience a small part of it. I am looking forward to returning next summer to explore further.