The fishing trip of your dreams

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Imagine a fishing destination where for thousands of years natives anglers caught arctic char with spears and stone traps. Now imagine a fishing lodge in the middle of the subarctic tundra, surrounded by pristine rivers, spectacular scenery, fish jumping waterfalls and river pools stack with big silvery and red char. Welcome to the East Ungava Bay in Arctic Quebec.

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For those of you who live and dream about fly fishing and who are searching for some of the planet wildest rivers it’s in the East Ungava region that you’ll find a large population of arctic char in Canada. Here you can expect to catch truly magnificent specimens in excess of 30 inches. You may even fish for the big red ones. Here stealth and accurate casts will aid the fisherman to thwart these whimsical red chars.

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A 8- or 9- weight, fast-action rod is the weapon of choice for these powerful fresh sea run char. A quality reel with at least 200 yards of backing is also recommended.

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The quality of this unique and ancient fishing ground is unrivaled, and most rivers have never seen a fly or a lure. We think that there are few places in this world where you can be more at peace with yourself than when walking in a river valley in East Ungava; fly rod in hand, with miles of river to yourself and just knowing that you will catch more than a few nice fish before the day is over.

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