The Ungava’s best Arctic Char fly-fishing technique

There are several fly-fishing techniques which can allow you to catch in a regular way big arctic char in rivers. All the salmon fishermen know very well that it is not because we can observe salmons near the water surface that these will dash automatically in pursuit of a fly. It is also the same thing with this salmonid that is the arctic char. We may see it dozens of chars in pools, and if we do not know the fishing technique to catch them, then we might accumulate much more frustration than fishes.

The fishing technique it is certainly a very important matter, but before this comes the equipment. What I prefer for river fishing is a fly-rod no 8 equipped with a 350 grains sinking tip line. Then; here is one of the famous fishing techniques. In most of the arctic char rivers that we find on the east Ungava Bay, the best pools never exceed 10 feet deep; an easy reached for conventional sink-tip lines. The trick is to fish short (2- to 4-foot) leaders that hold the fly a few inches off the bottom, carrying it eye-level into a defensive char’s face.

From the beginning of their climb in the river, arctic char stop systematically feeding and adopt a mode of very intense protection of the gravel bottoms where they will eventually make their nests to spawn. It is in these very precise places that they tolerate no fly. It is by controlling this fly-fishing technique that you’ll manage to catch in a regular way char of 10 lbs and more.

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