Torngat Mountains Air Safari – Bush flying

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Arctic Quebec and Labrador turn dreams into reality!

Arctic Quebec and Labrador – it’s amazingly different, with the tallest mountains in eastern Canada, the highest tides in the world and the largest concentration of fresh water lakes on earth, it’s no wonder that this region is a place of magnificence.

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To really appreciate what the regions have to offer, we recommend that a part of your trip be guided. Our escorted tours with guides and naturalist interpreters will lead you to the most unusual places where you’ll experience the maximum of scenic attractions and activities.

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“We are always under the spell of our journey. It is our most beautiful journey which we made.” – Serge L. Quebec.

From our lodges in Rapid Lake and Barnoin River we provide you with complete modern accommodation services which includes meals, lodging, hot showers, daily weather report and free access to Wefee. Your trip starts with a full orientation made from an experience pilot guide. You will be shown everything you need to know about the local parks, scenic air routes, major tourist attractions, where to fish, hike, camp and more.

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“The polar bear was fishing right in front of us. I’ll never forget it…it was an amazing experience.” – Collin R., Stafford,UK

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“A land where the mountains are nameless.” The Torngat – still featuring unclimbed mountains and unseen views. Photo credit: Rock flamand, Quebec.

Arctic Québec & Labrador is closer than you may think. It’s only a day fight from Montreal, Quebec or Toronto. In fact you could be here tomorrow.

Join us and make it Arctic Quebec & Labrador in 2014!

Travel dates: July 26-30 and July 31- August 4th 2014.


PS; If you are not a pilot and don’t have an aircraft and that you’ll like to join this trip, please let us know and will try to find you a place or propose you a similar package.

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