This “TRAVEL JOURNAL” is not a summary of a journey but rather an outline of the experiences which you could expect to live during a trip with us.

Challenge yourself on an expedition into the dramatic wilderness of Arctic Quebec and Labrador. With un-named mountain to summit and explore, you have the opportunity to push yourself and to make new discoveries. The Torngats are one of Canada’s best kept secrets and boasts some of the highest mountains in Eastern Canada, including 7 peaks in excess of 5000 feet. The Torngat peaks rise abruptly from the Labrador Sea and are among the wildest and most magnificent coastlines in North America.

01 – Explore un-named mountains that have never been visited by man. 2 – A view of the Torngat Mountain main peaks sticking out of clouds…priceless! 3 – The approach walk into these peaks is well rewarded with amazing views of the mountain range and beautiful steep vistas of the fjords out to the Labrador Sea. 4 – Pick your route and head for new summits. 5- The Fjord cuts deep into the heart of the Torngat Mountains and is one of the main ways these mountains can be reached. 6 – Walk on glaciers dating back to the last ice age and discover glacial features like moraines, mill-wells, small crevasses and ice carved landscapes. 7 – Experience authentic nights in bivouac in the heart of the Arctic Cordillera; the world’s northernmost mountain system. 8 – From the summits of Mount D’Iberville/Caubvick experience an incredible view of the Torngat Mountain that falls into the North Atlantic. 9 – Photograph wild arctic flowers just like the ones found in Greenland, Iceland and Spitsbergen.

Our Treks & Expeditions:

VIDEO: Torngat Mountains National Park – Ancient Land 60 sec.