Treks and expeditions to discover the Torngat Mountain Park

In the southern part of the Arctic Cordillera Mountain Range, there is one of the most unknown regions on the planet – the Torngat Mountains. Located between Quebec and Labrador border the Torngat contain the highest peaks in the continental eastern Canada. At first glance, Labrador seems a lot like Norway. Deep fjords pierce the coastline; mountains shoot straight up from the sea. We have multiple route options to explore the best of the Torngat Mountains National Park. From Barnoin River Lodge you’ll prepare for your trip and then fly out to your drop-off point in the Torngat. From there you’ll hike, explore and climb for 7 to 14 days (depending on your chosen trip). At the end of your trek you’ll be picked up by our floatplane and have another spectacular flight back to Barnoin. You’ll take part at a gourmet dinner and sleep overnight at the Lodge. On the last day following breakfast you’ll retrace your flights back to Kuujjuaq and Montreal.

Our treks and expeditions: