Wilderness Camping in Arctic Quebec and Labrador

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If camping is your thing and that you would like to experience an exciting adventure in Arctic Quebec and Labrador, we have many options to propose you.

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The fishing opportunities are world class!  We can fly you out to one of these remote rivers for a few days with your camping equipment where you’ll catch big lake trout, brook trout and arctic char. At night watch the aurora borealis.

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If you prefer to explore remote and unique places then you should plan a visit to the Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador. The sheer-walled-fjords and moon like arctic tundra landscape offers fantastic opportunities for walking, hiking, canoeing / kayaking. Paddling and camping in this  arctic region can be truly stunning.

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Flora and fauna viewing is great!  Caribou, arctic wolves, fox and Gyre falcons and a host of other species may all be seen. A trip with great photographic possibilities.

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In the heat of the summer sun, wildflowers and arctic plants flourish and bloom with the long summer daylight.  At some campsites archeological evidence such as ancient tent rings, fire pits, food caches or stone and bone tools may be seen. Enjoy a relaxed week with lots of time to enjoy this amazing environment. – bring your camping gear along and enjoy sleeping under the stars where all you hear is the call of the loon and quiet of the wilderness. A very authentic way to discover the far-north.

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