7 Dazzling ways to discover NUNAVIK

7 Dazzling ways_R01E

April 22, 2015

When you close your eyes and picture Nunavik, you are in the Torngat Mountains. Glistering waterfalls, snowcapped peaks, glacial valleys… literally everywhere you point your camera, it’s a postcard.

Rapid Lake Lodge offers a number of different tours for a truly incredible experience on your trip to Nunavik. See bears, glaciers, fjords, and why not spend day fly-fishing on a pure and wild river. Imagine nothing around except you, your trip leader and the endless wilderness.

We have 7 dazzling ways for you to discover Nunavik – wildlife viewing, nature tour, air safari, fly-fishing, hiking, backpacking, canoeing & kayaking.


  • Fly through glacial valleys surrounded by sheer walls and see towering waterfalls cascading into emerald fjords.
  • Hike through arctic tundra to secluded rivers and look for polar bears feeding on arctic char.
  • Explore remote islands at the north-eastern tip of North America’s and discover a great diversity of marine arctic wildlife.
  • Explore Hebron – a mysterious German ghost town on the remote Labrador coast.
  • Stay at a unique wilderness retreat in the heart of the unlimitedness of Nunavik.

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