Explore, Trek and Adventure in Kuururjuaq and Torngat Parks.

Looking for a little adventure this summer? No need to go far. With more than forty national parks and hundreds of provincial parks to explore, it’s time to scratch a new one off the list. Carved by glaciers thousands of years ago, the Koroc River canyon is now a new national park to explore! Stretching from the Ungava Bay to the highest continental mountain in Eastern Canada, the Kuururjuaq National Park is an oasis of boreal forest in an otherwise rugged arctic zone.


The valley shelter strands of trees hundreds of years old, archaeological sites, amazing cascading waterfalls and spectacular arctic tundra landscape.  Add a few days to your trip and discover the wild delights of the Torngat Mountains National Park. Go on a photo safari. A unique occasion to watch, photograph and film caribou, polar bears and wolves in their natural habitats.


Photo credit: France Brind’amour

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