Heli-Hiking: Helicopter Assisted Hiking in the Arctic Cordillera

March 5, 2015


The easiest way to go for a mountain hike and to discover the most surprising and inaccessible places in the world is to make a heli-hiking trip. With our heli-hikes you’ll set foot on summits where nobody went before, you’ll walk on glaciers dating back to the last ice age, will penetrate in the heart of fascinating canyons and oceanic fjords, you will explore magnificent gorges and waterfalls.


Whatever is your age or physical shape, with our heli-hikes you will discover the most scenic attractions of the Arctic Cordillera southern ecozone. This is a photographer’s paradise with great opportunities of viewing caribous, bears, falcons and a myriad of arctic flora and wildlife. You will reach peaks that make you feel as if you are on top of the world.

Departure dates: August 1 – 6, 2015

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