Hunting the Aurora Borealis

La nuit venue observez les aurores boréales.


October 28th, 2015

You would like to photograph aurora borealis during your next journey in Nunavik?

Well, in our Far North region of Arctic Quebec the aurora borealis hunt really begins around August 10th. Before this date the night are not enough dark to observe them. In August it is at about 9 pm when the first lights take shape in the sky.


The aurora begins with a very light pale green light over the horizon, at first almost invisible, they expand and conquer quietly the starry sky. They emerge from the North and are align with the earth magnetic field. Gradually, they become more and more intense.


The real show really starts when they begin dancing and exploding in colors – it is a magnetic storm.
This dazzling natural phenomenon will appear doubtless in the first place on your list of the unforgettable memories.

Photo credit: Fabrice Simon ©

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