Labrador Tea and Fall Colours

Labrador Tea_R002

September is a great time to walk on the arctic tundra and to harvest the Labrador Tea leaves. The slow ripening process of the Labrador Tea that grows during the short arctic summer imparts an extraordinary aroma.

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You can prepare a Labrador Tea with about 30 leaves per cup. Boil water. Remove water from heat and let sit 1 minute. Pour water over tea leaves and let steep 5-10 minutes or longer. This time varies according to both the tea and your personal taste. The ideal is to taste the tea as it brews. Remove leaves from tea. Flavour with honey or lemon as desired. The green tea leaves have a greenery spicy flavour while the red leaves are less fragrant, but still bring lots to the table.

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September is the fall color month on the tundra and also the ideal time to watch the Auroras Borealis at night. To your trip you can also add polar bear and black viewing.

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