Realize your dream trip, 100% custom-made!

For those keen to travel on their own we share our inside knowledge to organize an awe-inspiring individual trip to Arctic Quebec and Labrador.

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Arctic Quebec and Labrador is one of the most isolated areas in Eastern Canada and offers fantastic possibilities for big adventures. Here in the Quebec and Labrador Peninsula sheer mountain walls fall into the sea where beautiful icebergs are floating.

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Discover the stunning beauty of the Torngat Mountain National Park with a mix of activity — air safari, wildlife photography, nature tour, exploratory hikes with occasional bivouac or with complete  lodging at our lodges. You can also add fishing, canoeing / kayaking, mountain hiking, backpacking or any activity that you wish. We take you back to the wild to explore this breathtaking and unspoiled piece of land. Adding a few days in bivouac in the southern ecozone of the Arctic Cordillera make this trip a true adventure. On our way to the continent land’s end we will pass through the stunning fjords, which are surrounded by high mountain walls.

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We will explore towering waterfalls, watch polar bears and chase icebergs. Before we reach the land’s end, we will stop and explore on foot some of the Ungava and Labrador coast best kept secret places. Having reached the northeastern tip of North America, we enjoy walking on small glaciers and moon like landscape. On our return flight at the end of the day we will stop on a remote river where we’ll fish some trout and arctic char for dinner.

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Depending on your point of departure; Montreal, Kuujjuaq or Kangiqsualujjuaq (George River), you could realize your dream trip, 100% custom-made for as low as 2200. $ per person.

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