The best bear viewing tours in Nunavik

The East Ungava Bay region, in one of the great polar bear viewing areas in Arctic Quebec. Our bear viewing tours allow you to observe polar bears feeding on arctic char and occasionally on seals in a wild setting. Polar bears always gather where there is food and the East Ungava Bay rivers receive one of Nunavik’s largest run of arctic char.

You will see small cubs with their mothers (sows) and large male bears (boars).  You will be able to observe the largest land carnivore on earth catching char as the fish migrate up the rivers and streams to spawn. Along with these magnificent bears you will also have an opportunity to view other wildlife, neighbors of the bears that share the same remote habitat. Black bears, wolves, caribou, fox, falcons, a variety of bird life, and sea life are all species that make a home in the area. In Nunavik, bears frequent specific areas at different times, primarily related to food availability.

To plan your visit to coincide with the best bear viewing times, contact us to customize your vacation package.