This “TRAVEL JOURNAL” is not a summary of a journey but rather an outline of the experiences which you could expect to live during a trip with us.

Rapid Lake Lodge’s has designed different bear viewing trips to areas of Arctic Quebec and Labrador known for a high concentration of bears and quality bear viewing. Our polar bear tours are true arctic safaris lead by experienced trip leaders who knows how to get you close to those once-in-a-lifetime shots.

1 – This is an adventure of a lifetime, view and photograph polar bears at an unbelievable close distance. 2 – From Rapid Lake, travel deep into the heart of the polar bear viewing country. 3 – Let Rapid Lake Lodge take you face to face with the world’s largest land carnivore. 4 – Bear follow their food source and in our bear viewing trips, you may see bear fishing for arctic char. 5 – Whether you are a professional photographer, nature lover, first timer to Arctic Quebec, you are sure to be impressed by these incredible bears in their natural habitat. 6 – Polar bears may approach because they are curious about you. 7 – Until they’re about 2 ½ years old – the cubs remain with their mother. 8 – The polar bears are sea mammals and they spend most of their time in water where they hunt and fish. 9 – Easily accessible by floatplane the remote Quebec & Labrador Peninsula offers unusual polar bear viewing experiences.

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