An Arctic Quebec Flying Experience

This week we had a group from Albany, New York that flew in with their Turbo Beaver on wheels that landed in Rapid Lake and on natural “bush runways”, they are now sharing a few photos of their great trip with us.

Flying experience_R001

It was interesting to see that most bays of the East Ungava region are still covered with broken sea ice.

Flying experience_R002

We shared some time with Tommy our Inuit’s guide where we visited his cabin and looked for caribou and polar bears on the barren ground tundra.

Flying experience_R003

June 22nd. In an austere nature at Land’s End the ice floe adds a touch of exoticism to our journey.

Flying experience_R004

We caught some big arctic char and lost several huge ones.

Flying experience_R005

In Rapid Lake we stayed in a small log cabin away from the main building; our idea was to camp out but we couldn’t resist the temptation of this small hand-hewn timber cabin made by Alain Lagacé.

Flying experience_R006

Rapid Lake is Nunavik’s brook trout paradise and we spent two whole days to tease this wonderful resource.

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