Effort level

Evaluation of effort level

We evaluate the effort level required for your enjoyment by assessing a combination of different factors. We take into consideration the technical skill level of the route, the pace of the trip in regards to the length of each day and the isolation. By analyzing at all these factors we rate our adventures in the following way:

•    Light
•    Moderate
•    Intense


Easy hike for the least adventurers. The routes and activities are suitable for beginners.

Distance per day: 1-5 km
Hiking Time: 3 hr or less
Pace: 1-3 km/h
Terrain: Easy
Elevation Gain/loss: 0 – 250 m
Altitude: Sea level to 700 m
No altitude impact


Typically, this level contains a part of hike off the beaten track. These journeys address all and require certain spirit of adventure and a good physical shape.

Distance per day: 5-10 km
Hiking Time: 4-8 hr
Pace: 2-5 km/h
Terrain: Easy to difficult
Elevation Gain/loss: 0 – 500 m
Altitude: Sea level to 1000 m
Sea level to high altitude

For experts adventurers. Experience in long treks is necessary. Our “intense” journeys ask for an excellent physical condition. These journeys address the amateurs of wide open space and unique experiences.

Distance per day: 10-15 km
Hiking Time: 8 h or more
Pace: 3-5 km/h
Terrain: Easy to Extreme
Elevation Gain/loss: 0 – 1 250 m
Altitude: Sea level to 1 500 m
No altitude impact