Barnoin Ecolodge accommodation

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The Barnoin Ecolodge is situated in Arctic Quebec “Nunavik” 1,500 km north of Montreal and 165 km east of Kuujjuaq.

It is from Kuujjuaq that the transfers are assured with the Twin Otter of Air Inuit. The duration of the flight is of 45 minutes.

At the lodge you will find gourmet meals prepared by a chef cook, private cabins, shower rooms, running water, electricity, high-speed internet, Wi-Fi…

From Barnoin Ecolodge you will discover the wilderness beauty of Nunavik – glacier carved mountains, deep fjords, towering waterfalls, thousands of lakes, hundreds of rivers and abundant wildlife.

The Ungava Bay is located less than 40 km north of the camp. Three (3) km east of Barnoin you’ll find Kuururjuaq Park and 50 km further to the East the Torngat Mountain National Park of Canada.

Join us for a real Canadian Far North experience.