Journey at the discovery of Nunavik, Arctic Quebec, Canada


Arctic Char and Trout fishing combo


Welcome to Canada’s arctic char paradise. It’s on the northeastern tip of North America on the Quebec & Labrador Peninsula that we find the largest concentration of migrating arctic char in Canada. Here, the rivers are counted by the dozens, the arctic char by the thousands and the fishing experiences are unique.

Enter the Torngat Mountain in Arctic Québec and Labrador and take part in a unique photo safari where you will have the chance to capture gripping footage of caribous, polar bears, wolfs in their natural habitats.

For those of you who live and dream about fly fishing and who are searching for some of the planet’s wildest rivers, it’s in the East Ungava bay region that you will find Canada’s largest arctic char population. Welcome to Canada’s arctic char paradise!


Rapid Lake Lodge’s expertise cuts straight to the must-see highlights of the Quebec and Labrador Peninsula. The Torngat Mountains, the Labrador Fjords, the Continent Land’s End — we’ve selected the most iconic sights and incredible places so you can enjoy a real Canadian Far North experience.