Authentic safari under the stars

Have you already lived an experience of being in the heart of the tundra, around a campfire which crackles, admiring a sunset blazing like ever?  A place where you’ll meet with the nature and a generous fauna. Accompanied by your naturalist tour guide, we reserve you the best of Quebec and Labrador’s far-north: float plane specially adapted with earphone, seat and window guaranteed, lodging in comfortable camps and in wild bivouac on exclusive sites. In the evening enjoy a barbecue served with the best Canadian wine and shared with dear friends under a star studded sky listening to the silence…the pure pleasure!

Our bivouacs in the middle of nowhere add a touch of adventure which marks our most beautiful safaris. The main part of this authentic safari consists of animal discoveries and the natural marvels. The northeast extremity of North America, Buttons Islands, Odell Lake, Eclipse Harbour, Nachvak waterfall…and for the best of the observation a low-level flight over icebergs. Nunavik is a fascinating region with multiple landscapes: coast to the infinity, virgin islands, highest continental mountains in Canada east of the Rockies, towering waterfalls and a distinctive fauna. Adventurer of the modern times or passionate of photography and lovers of nature, this journey is “custom made” for you.

Due to the number of reservations already made on the published dates the addition of the new departure dates is now in progress for the month of July and August. Contact us to have the last space availability. Visit our web page at:

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