Fishing testimonies

Stéphane et Michel Chauvin (France), July 2016

We were really amazed by the kindness of the people who welcomed us during this exceptional fishing trip. The fish were there, arctic char very combative and numerous with some big specimens, great lakers and a really big one of 98 cm / 39 inches, an incalculable number of brook trouts, landlocked arctic char, breathtaking landscapes a great fishing trip with our guides which took care of us, Sam the pilot of a kindness and a professionalism at the top, a gourmet chef; Patrick who looked at us very well, we can’t ask for more. We’ll see you soon and think of you with great memories! »


Ron Ferguson, Father and Son (New Brunswick), August 2016

Great memories! Thanks to Rapid Lake Lodge for a wonderful trip, my Dad and I really had a great time. You certainly looked after us, and even though we had a few challenges with the weather, you and Sam were able to change plans promptly and get us some incredible fishing opportunities. The Brookie fishing was truly fantastic and just outside our cabin! Too end it all off with 2 incredible days Char fishing, we were very satisfied. Nunavik is definitely a special place when it comes to fishing! Best Regards.


Michel Doré (Quebec), June 2016

“I really appreciated my stay at Rapid Lake Lodge. The fishing is phenomenal! Brook trout, lake trout and the migratory arctic char are present in large numbers and take the flies with aggressiveness. A laker of 8 kg on a no. 8 tandem fly or a char on a tube fly no. 8 are unique experiences in itself. The lodge accommodation in the middle of the tundra is an experience to be seen. The meals and the atmosphere are outstanding! “


Naoto Aoki (Alberta), August 2015

All my life, I’ve dreamt of catching a bright red arctic char… I’ve caught char before, but never of much size and certainly not the colour I was after. My time spent at Rapid Lake Lodge did not disappoint! In the four days of fishing, I landed a dozen bright red char is some of the most pristine waters and picturesque landscapes in the country. With almost no comparison, these red char are the most beautiful fish I have ever photographed. I cannot wait to get back to Rapid Lake Lodge one day! Thank you Alain and the rest of your staff for a trip of a lifetime!”


Christian et Christophe Jalby (France), August 2014

We had a great trip! To have the privilege to be alone on a river and to fish these pools filled with fresh sea run arctic char it’s the dream of all fishermen and to see them leaping over the waterfalls is unbelievable… Sight fishing these big red char in blazing colors with a background of wild mountains is a special moment that I will never forget! 


Michael Werner (Germany) editor in chief of the magazine “FliegenFischen”, september 2012

Dancing Northern Lights, amazing polar bears and arctic char, as made of silver, tall and strong as Russian submarines… As editor in chief of the German fly fishing magazine “Fliegen Fischen” I was already in the world traveling from Tierra del Fuego to Kamchatka. What I experienced on THIS trip in Arctic Quebec, was exceptional – my expectations were more than surpassed! Huge Arctic char, an average of 5 kg (12 lb) on Fly rod Class 7, nymphs size 12…. An outstanding experience! Thanks for everything!


Jacques Brault (Quebec), contributor to the magazine “Pêche à la Mouche”, August 2012

It is the best fishing of my life! Catching these big chars on tiny # 10 flies was a blast! In equal weight the arctic char is more belligerent than the Atlantic salmon… 


John Baskin (USA), July 2012

I fished on the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia and many times in Alaska and in British Columbia and it’s my third time in Nunavik. It is here that I find the best place to fish for arctic chars. The landscape is magnificent and we are alone on a whole river! 


Michel Pianta (USA), August 2011

It’s my first fishing trip in Canada and believe me, I will come back!


Bob Erikson (USA), August 2011

I have been back home for a little bit better than a month. There aren’t too many hours in the day that go by that don’t find me reminiscing of char, bears, flying, rivers, new friends and the unforgettable country. A day’s travel from home is a very little known, and extraordinary world.


André Bernier (Quebec), August 2011

It’s a trip which we don’t want to miss. The landscapes of mountains, fjords and rivers are of a remarkable beauty and the fishing just extraordinary.