Report of an expedition to the Torngat Mountains


December 5th, 2016.

Brad Royce talks about his 6-day solo trek in the Torngat Mountains:


“As I sat in my T-shirt, 50 yards from a snow covered hill awaiting the float plane there was time to reflect on my 6 days hike in Western Torgnat Moutains. The Abloviak Fjord, with its steep cliffs, waterfalls, green valleys and crystal clear lakes made me wonder if I was in Norway, not Nothern Quebec!

Rapid Lake Lodge had organized this trip and all had gone perfectly. Until we saw the lake we had planned to land on still had ice on it! It was July 5th! This proved to be no problem as there were 2 other icefree lakes within sight.

My bag net was in front pocket ready for quick access but I never needed it at all. The late spring had made me change plans so I headed NE toword a waterfall that showed on my map. Once out of the valley the walking was difficult at times due to rock piles, but never dangerous. Sometimes having to backtrack due to a massive cliff or impassable rapids, a safe route would always appear. Clean, flowing water was everywhere and some colourful wildflowers were begninig to bloom. I was always able to find a flat, mossy spot to pitch my tent on an otherwise rocky hill. And there was always a perfect rock to use as table and chair.

Being 100 km from the nearest person I saw no evidence that anyone had never set foot on the valleys and hills I was in. From one campsite, I could look dwn the fjord for miles and watch the sun set over the pack ice on Ungava Bay.

Rapid Lake Lodge has made my trip logistics worry free and the excellent food and accommodations were very welcome at the start and end of the trip. Also, I went fishing by the camp and caught over 50 brook trouts in 3 hours! “

Brad Royce, Ontario