Safari Polar bears and Auroras Borealis in Nunavik

Safari Polar Bear_R001

September 21st, 2015

Here is an escape, which gives the taste to go on a journey in Nunavik: the white giants who fish for arctic chars and the Auroras Borealis which dance over your heads.

Safari Polar Bear_R002

The bears are always impressive to observe and to watch them in their natural habitats is always an exceptional experience.  Your camera will have no break when you will see the agility of this heavyweight of the animal kingdom plunging, swimming and sometimes fishing for arctic chars just in front of you. It is not surprising that the polar bears is one of the most sought-after animals by the amateurs of wildlife photography.

Safari Polar Bear_R003

At night, the auroras borealis can offer you a show of amazing colors of dancing green, purple and pink. In all this add an air safari and a hike of discovery at the edge of the fjords, the exploration of waterfalls, the hike on a glacier, a flying over there icebergs and here is a dream journey in Arctic Quebec; Nunavik.


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