Testimonies of bush pilots

Matt Clemente (New York), June 2014

 We caught some big arctic char and lost several huge ones.

In Rapid Lake we stayed in a small log cabin away from the main building; our idea was to camp out but we couldn’t resist the temptation of this small hand-hewn timber cabin made by Alain Lagacé.

Rapid Lake is Nunavik’s brook trout paradise and we spent two whole days to tease this wonderful resource.”


Benoit Parrot, June 2012

A fishing trip of exception by float plane. Having lived two years in British Columbia and having fished for salmon, I now discover Quebec and Labrador’s far-north. Since the last few days I have been impressed by the extraordinary landscapes which offer the Arctic Cordillera in remote Northern Quebec and Labrador.

We just made an air safari through the Torngat Mountains national park and along the Labrador coast, seen magnificent fjords, rivers, falls and icebergs ….and I am amazed by the fishing quality in the Ungava rivers.

All this in a few days only and we haven’t finished our journey yet!

These last two days we went fishing on the Tunulic River where we fished some Lakers and brookies and did some catch and release.

The weather conditions were not favorable to go and see the spring caribou migration in the Labrador plateau, but we were able to go fishing and we fully enjoyed our flight over the magnificent arctic and subarctic tundra landscape dotted with thousand of lakes.

While our fishing and safari adventure journey in Nunavik ends with a supper of speckled trout, wine, cheese and famous Labrador tea, we already are planning our next journey. “


Jim Watson (USA), June 2011

“Thanks, for having me along, a trip of a lifetime! Cheers “