Testimony from a visitor to the discovery of the Tundra.

Ocober 25th, 2016.

Photos an text: Keith Kelley, San Diego

Just a short note to let you know what a wonderful experience it was for Cheryl & I to visit Rapid Lake Lodge.  It was fascinating walking around the lodge and exploring the tundra while looking for bear and picking berries.  The two days of “fly outs” to visit the Torngat mountains, northern Quebec and the Labrador coast were also highlights of the trip.  I never thought that Cheryl and I would be approaching both black bear and polar bear on foot but we felt very comfortable since we were in such good hands.

The highlights for us were the close views of the huge black bear when we were hiking on the other side of the lake, the fishing polar bears, seeing the caribou, the amazing fjord scenery in Torngat Mountain Park and visiting Hebron Fjord.    All the meals were great but the one with fresh baked bread, hot smoked arctic char and fresh picked/fresh baked blueberry pie was one of the best meals we have every had anywhere (and we travel a lot).

In short – Rapid Lake is a great lodge in a great location with great food and great hosts.   Everyone who has seen our photos has commented on the spectacular scenery and wildlife.

We both hope to be able to come back some day! ”

Keith & Cheryl, San Diego