The best period to go to Mount D’Iberville /Caubvick

An interesting question…! “What is the best period to make a trip to the Torngat Mountains and to climb Mount D’Iberville?” The ideal time to visit the Torngat Mountains national park is anytime between July 10th and August 20th. If you plan to anticipate this date you risk of arriving in full period of thaw and not being able to go where you want. On the other hand, if you visit the region after August 20th you risk of having some fresh snow on the summits. A late trip also add the possibly to experience the low level Jet Stream (wind from 70 km/h to sometimes 160 km/h). So, the best period to visit Northern Labrador is to stay within the mentioned period. You will then have the opportunity to take advantage of long sunny days and the mildest temperatures, without the problems of the weather extremes often encountered at the beginning and at the end of season.


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