Polar bear photo safari in Canada

© Fabrice Simon. An amazing trip to see the polar bears up close.

© Fabrice Simon

© Fabrice Simon

January 10, 2017

This year again, a few safarist will have the opportunity to film and photograph the world’s largest land carnivore. In Nunavik, during the short Arctic summer, when the ice floe is gone the polar bears search for their food along the coasts of Ungava and Labrador. They favor then very particular sectors which our experienced guide knows perfectly. During this period, polar bears have the particularity to fish for the migratory arctic chars which go back up massively to the small and shallow coastal rivers. The fortunate which will be a part of this photographic safari will bring back with them gripping images worthy of National Geographic.

Video: Fishing polar bears

We only form small groups from 3 to 6 people maximum. For the bear viewing season in 2017, the first three weeks are full. There are few places available on two last weeks.