Testimony from Fabrice Simon

September 29, 2017


Fabrice is a talented photographer, well known in France in the field of animal photography. Many pictures of the website come from its camera lens.

Once again, he came to spend a week in a bivouac in the heart of the Nunavik tundra with a group of French photographers and he gave us his impressions.


“Arctic … when you hold us!

For the second time, I went this year with friends in Nunavik.

We do not go there by chance: we think, we prepare, we imagine then finally, we get there. And then it all begins.

But there are so many settings that may or may not make your stay unforgettable.

The first is definitely the weather and for my 2nd visit to the Inuit country, it was once again on our side.

This year was very good despite the fact that our main subject, the fishing polar bear, could not be treated as we would have liked, the rivers too high having somewhat upset the habits of the bears.

But, when we want to see and live of the unique, the true, it is sometimes the price paid. However, we had other very nice encounters. On the other hand, the lemmings were very present and many images and videos were made in excellent conditions. I had asked to be in the bivouac so that we could to be  in the middle of this authentic nature, which has been wonderfully prepared by the Rapid Lake team, and I want to thank them.

The search for wildlife on the ground has allowed us to make excellent observations of owls, caribous and polar bears.

Some great memories filled our memory cards.

And almost every evening, the northern lights danced in the sky, illuminating the silent flight of a hunting owl.

Memories full our heads.

A big thank you to Rapid Lake Lodge staff and the cook great meals each day in the middle of nowhere.

Now I only have to go back …


Fabrice Simon (France)