Arctic Char Fishing Between Father and Son

Father and son_R001
To go on a fishing trip in Arctic Quebec’s “Nunavik” Canada between father and son to fly fish arctic char has something to make you dream. This is exactly what Christian and Christophe Jalby from France have realized this week. They fly fished on different rivers of the East Ungava and caught many nice arctic chars in the 10 to 12 pound range.
Father and son_R002
They also experience fishing for the big red char and caught some fish over 11 pounds.
“We had a great trip! To have the privilege to be alone on a river and to fish these pools filled with fresh sea run arctic char it’s the dream of all fishermen and to see them leaping over the waterfalls is unbelievable…” “Sight fishing these big red char in blazing colors with a background of wild mountains is a special moment that I will never forget!”
Father and son_R003

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