Fly Fishing Around The World

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Fly fishing around the world for authentic experiences it’s exactly what our fishermen are seeking. They are passionate people always in search of remote fly-out fishing destinations, big fighter fishes and places where few people have gone before.

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The wild rivers on the East Ungava are known for producing large, strong Arctic char, some of which reach 15-20 lbs. If your idea is to get lost in a paradise where you’ll find more rivers than fishermen and where in some places the arctic char are so plentiful that you can’t see the bottom of the river, then the East Ungava Bay rivers should be on your travel list.

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Beyond fishing you’ll find the scenic beauty of the Arctic cordillera’s glacier carved landscape. The “Prime Time” period for river fishing the fresh sea run arctic char in our remote East Ungava rivers is anytime between August 1st and September 7th.

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Fly fishing arctic char:

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