Our idea of the perfect fly fishing vacation – yours

Our idea_R001
Over the past 23 years Rapid Lake Lodge has worked hard to create your dreamed fly fishing vacation. A destination where every day of the week you and your friends fly-out to a remote river to experience arctic char fishing. In the heart of the grand landscapes of fjords, rivers and mountains you will understand why Arctic Quebec is known for its exceptional sportfishing.

Here are the 10 main lines of our idea of the perfect vacation – yours.
1. A fishing lodge easily accessible and yet located in a remote subarctic region.
2. Every day of the week fly-out to a different river.
3. A selection of rivers perfect for fly fishing arctic char.
4. Fishing in direct sight of the fish.
5. The highest concentration of arctic char rivers in Canada.
6. Large arctic char that average 10-12 pound.
7. Only six (6) anglers per week.
8. Groups who book together stay and fish together.
9. Experienced pilot-guide that know the East Ungava rivers perfectly.
10. A solitary fishing experience between friends.

For further information please contact Alain info@rapidlake.com