Polar Bear and Iceberg viewing in Arctic Quebec and Labrador

February 7, 2016

A small-group Arctic Quebec and Labrador photography adventure tour.

Arctic Quebec and Labrador tops many a wildlife photographer’s bucket list. From icebergs to polar bear viewing, you’ll capture incredible images on our Polar Bear and Icebergs – Photo Safari tour. Our photography adventure highlights the striking landscape of the Arctic Cordillera south ecozone. From our secluded subarctic wilderness lodge our floatplane and helicopter fly-out allow you to capture stunning images of icebergs, polar bears, oceanic fjords, towering waterfalls… We take you to ancient hunting grounds and spiritual sites, dating back hundreds of years. We explore geological wonders and set foot on an island at land’s End.

If you’re ready to experience a true Canadian Arctic and subarctic experience, contact us.