Remote Char fishing in East Ungava Bay- few rods left

The beautiful East Ungava Bay coastal region has rivers that offer absolute solitude and exceptional fly-fishing. Last year the average fish caught weight 9 ½ lbs and some occasional catch were in the 15 to 17 pounds range. We have a few rods left for August, please contact

Alain for further information.

The daily fly-out fishing to different rivers along the coast is also a great opportunity for the fishermen to see polar bears, whales and the impressive drifting icebergs.

Tackle: Single handed rods 9-10, sinking line 300 to 350 grains.

Best flies: Tungsten Cased Caddis, Copper John Barrs, Polar Shrimp and Grey Ghost Orange Belly

You can read about these trips and see pictures:

For further information please contact Alain