The Final Run of the Big Arctic Char

Final char run_R002

The final run of arctic char that we had at the end of August and early September had brought in many big char from 12 to 15 pounds. At a certain moment we had to break deliberately our leaders not to lose everything (line and backing) in the rapids.
Final char run_R003
And even more, a rod broke under the heavy tension. “…these big arctic char are powerful fighters and very similar to the salmon! They know how to take advantage of the river current to escape…” The migratory chars do not become powerful simply by doing nothing, to reach their spawning grounds they must across rapids, waterfalls and cascades. “…by fishing on these wild rivers I realize that we don’t count the kilometers of line that we cast to catch a fish but rather the time that we spend fighting them on the rod…and at the end of the day we know why we have sore arms and wrist! I never caught some many fish and never took so many big ones. I guarantee that I will come back!”
Final char run_R004

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