The secrets of Ungava’s big red arctic char fishing

Red char fishing_R001

It’s in August and September that hundreds of thousands of arctic char return to their home rivers to spawn. By the end of August and early September the rivers and streams are loaded of big red char.  Seeing the schools of big red arctic char aligned in a river stream and fighting for the best spawning spots is an amazing show.

I found by far the best way to catch red char is to fish fast water inlets and outlets. When your fly hit the water, drop the rod and let sink the fly to a few inches from the bottom, then follow the line with the tip of your rod. No indicator, you can’t control the depth of the fly.

Red char fishing_R002

I normally use a weight forward floating line # 8 with 4 to 8 foot fluorocarbon leader of 6 to 8 lbs test. On shallow outlets and inlets I fish up and across a dead drift first and then let the fly swing at the end of the drift. You watch the fish if you see them; if you don’t, watch the end of your fly line and on the swing you must have the fly line resting on your index finger to feel the take. These fish do not feed but takes flies that could be a potential predator for their eggs during the spawning period.

Red char fishing_R003

I fish globugs, all colors in sizes 10 to 14’s hooks. Also bead head nymphs because they aren’t as buoyant as the globugs (the presentation is everything).



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