This “TRAVEL JOURNAL” is not a summary of a journey but rather an outline of the experiences which you could expect to live during a trip with us.

A great Arctic Char fishing trip in Arctic Quebec must undoubtedly include the scenic and spectacular flight along the Ungava Bay. The fun really begins when the floatplane takes off and when your pilot-guide points you the river where you are about to fish and finally the arctic char schools. It is from that moment that your dream becomes reality.

01 – The reason for traveling thousands of miles – fish the most powerful salmonidae in the world; the arctic char. 02 – The floatplane is the only effective means of transportation to access the remote Arctic Quebec char rivers. 03 – The average Arctic Char weight 10 pounds and often you’ll catch bigger fish reaching 12 to 15+ pounds. 04 – Just between friends celebrates your fishing trip.  05 – Indulge in our famous grand Arctic Char appetiser “Ungava Style”! 06 – It is not necessary to have hundreds of flies to catch the mighty arctic char, you just need a good selection of streamers and bead head nymphs and maybe the help of the pilot-guide. 07 – You won’t be fishing alone; our black bears friends are often fishing with us! 08 – The Barnoin river fishing lodge has all the accommodations that you’ll need. 09 – You’ll have the opportunity to observe drifting icebergs.

Our fishing trips: