Visiting Northern Quebec and Labrador

Capture striking images.

May 23, 2016

Who have not dreamed of visiting the Far north of Quebec and Labrador? The Far north it is the nature with a big N. It is the first reason to go there. Who haven’t thought of seeing at least once in his life an iceberg, a vertiginous waterfall and the auroras borealis. The animal observation is also a major activity in the Far north. This region is also home of wild animals which are found only here.

There are several ways to travel while adapting a stay to your budget. A flight for the Far North represents a major amount of the budget. One of the suggestions to maximize your journey is to choose a stay of a duration of at least one week, the costs of transport will so be distributed and you will have more time allowed for your visit. Add few overnights stays in bivouac under the tent, by a lake or a river in the heart of the alpine tundra, in overhang of a fjord,… will also contribute to make you save even more and to live authentic experiences.