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Our selection of tours entails you towards the Far North extremes of Arctic Quebec and Labrador to answer your desires of travel: whatever you want to discover the nature in the Arctic tundra or the extreme sensation on the lunar landscape of the northeastern tip of North America, these authentic experiences are made for you!

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Meet the bears

Tour of 6 days / 5 nights, in complete lodging – from 7590$ CAD

Symbol of the Far North, present in myths and legends Inuits, it’s in Arctic Quebec where you’ll meet the Lord of the Arctic. Go for a photographic safari on the Quebec and Labrador Peninsula and bring back exclusive photos and films of polar bears in a landscape of mountains, fjords and distant horizons.

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Splendours of Arctic Quebec

Tour of 6 days / 5 nights, in complete lodging – from 8286$ CAD

Discover the inescapable attractions of the Torngat Mountain national park, from the Ungava to the Labrador Sea. Visit the most secret and most authentic region of Arctic Quebec and Labrador: the Nachvak Fjord, the vertiginous waterfalls and a landscape of mountains, icebergs and snowy summits.

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Arctic char fishing

Tour of 6 days / 5 nights, in complete lodging – from 7228$ CAD

Aboard a float plane and accompanied by a renowned guide, come to fish for the best rivers of Nunavik. This fabulous region of mountains, fjords, lake and rivers is a real paradise for the fly fishermen.

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Hebron mystery

Backpacking of 6 days / 5 nights, in complete autonomy – from 4844$ CAD

Have the time of your life on an adventure trip and discover the incredible story of the Moravian missionaries who established in northern Labrador at the beginning of the 19th century. The whole with a fantastic view over the Labrador Sea.

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