Tuesday November 1st, 2011

Take advantage of our best offers

There are only eight (8) months left until the opening of the next season of fishing and safari. Places are limited and our best weeks are […]
Tuesday October 25th, 2011

Fishing Arctic Quebec for First Timers

For those who have not yet ventured into arctic Quebec adventurous land and would like to experience fly fishing on different rivers, Rapid Lake Lodge has […]
Tuesday October 18th, 2011

Report of a fishing trip in Quebec far north

Written by Bob Erickson My passion is fly fishing for cold water species, particularly char. I had the opportunity to fish for landlocked arctic char in […]
Tuesday October 4th, 2011

Submit a report of your visit in Nunavik

You would like to submit a report of your fishing trip, safari or adventure journey and to share it with us on our web site, please […]