Within reach, yet beyond belief !

Within reach_R002

– “We never we saw so many bears at the same time…”

– “We experienced a sensational night in bivouac in the middle of the arctic tundra to photograph the auroras borealis dancing…”

– “The forms and the color ranges which reflect these mountains of ices – icebergs are of real monumental art work…”

– “There is so many fishes that it is not possible to see the bottom of the river…”

– “We had the impression to walk on the moon, the lunar landscapes at the Land’s End of the continent are beyond belief…”

-“To ski on a glacier in the middle of July and at the same moment see vertiginous waterfalls falling into the fjord was for me an experience which I shall never forget…”

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You dream that someday you will go in the Far North and that you will live exceptional and authentic experiences ? Then, in 2014 let go your imagination. Options of the journeys ? We have them and we can help you to realize your dream trip 100% custom-made.

For further information please contact Alain info@rapidlake.com